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Graduate Students

Ph.D Student

Eng  Majed Abdulaziz Alashikh


Eng Husam Abdu Ghaleb Kaid

Thesis Title: Design and Implementation of Deadlock Control in Manufacturing Systems

Specialization: Manufacturing Systems

Research Areas: Mathematical Problems in Petri Nets Theory and Applications; Scheduling; Modeling and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems.

Supervisor:Prof Abdulrahman Al-Ahmari

Expected Discussion date: 31/10/2019

Eng Mageed Abdullah A. Ghaleb

Expected Thesis Title: "Enhanced Optimization Techniques for Permutation Flow Shop Scheduling Problems".

Specialization: Industrial Engineering

Research Areas: Optimization and Algorithms, Scheduling, Systems Modeling and Simulation, Production Planning and Control, Operations Management, Logistics and Supply Chains Management.

Supervisor: Dr Ibrahim Alharkan & Prof. Mohamed Anis Gharbi

Expected Discussion Date: 01/05/2020.

Master Student

Eng Emad Mahrous  Mohammed


Eng Umar Syarif Suryahatmaja

Thesis Title: A Heuristic Approach for Staff Scheduling using Decomposition Method

Specialization: Industrial System
Research Areas: Linear Programming, scheduling

Supervisor: Prof. Mohamed Anis Gharbi

Expected Discussion date: 10 May 2017

Eng Khaled Mohammed  Ba Matraf

Thesis Title: Heuristic Solution for the Integrated Warehouse Location and Vehicle Routing Problem in a Pooled Logistic System

Specialization: Industrial Systems

Research Areas: Supply chain and pooled logistics

Supervisor: Dr. Mehdi Mrad & Dr. Mohammed Alkahtani

Expected Discussion Date: 1/ 11/2017

Eng Ayoub Faisal Ali  AL-Zabidi


Eng Mohammed Abdulkareem Noman 

Thesis Title: A Methodology for Design and Implementation of a Condition Based Maintenance System


Research Areas: 

Supervisor: Prof. Emad S. Abouel Nasr & Dr Adel M. AL-Shayea

Expected Discussion date: 22/5/2018

Eng Moath Mohsin  Kasim Alatefi

Thesis Title: Development of Process Capability indices for Non Normal Data Using Multivariate Quality Characteristics.
Specialization: Industrial Systems.
Research Areas: Quality Engineering, Design of Experiments, and Reliability & Maintenance Engineering.
Supervisor: Dr. Shafiq Ahmad.
Expected Discussion date: 27/5/2018


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