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Operations Research (OR) and Simulation Lab.

Operations research is a mathematically-inclined discipline with the goal of making better decisions. This lab provides resources to develop advanced analytical methodologies to provide decision support to complex decision-making problems in business, industry, government, and other enterprises. This lab includes the latest software packages of OR and simulation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab.

It is a multidisciplinary research area, building on ideas from computer science, engineering, linguistics, psychology, controls, statistics, and philosophy. This lab helps in building intelligent products. Computer vision, assistive technology, machine learning, game theory, etc. are topic of interest in this area. It includes AI tools and technologies.

Robotics Lab.

The lab involves in research pertaining to all aspects of robotic manipulation and control. The focus is to develop robots that can work and interact with humans in unstructured environments. It includes latest tools of robot control and programming.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:51am