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The fundamental problems with any system development program are their inability to deliver efficient and effective systems, products and services without any latent defects. To manage lower expenses, higher profit and on-time delivery, is cumbersome task. Most programs are unable to translate user needs into efficient and cost effective solutions for deliverable systems, products, and services. This gap between stringent user needs and competent solutions can be minimized with specialized staff as well as technical activities and solutions of System Engineering (SE). Systems Engineering (SE) is a multidisciplinary engineering field that focuses on the design, modeling, interconnection, and management of complex systems. In addition to the methods of traditional engineering SE also relies on skills and expertise in optimization, simulation, economics and finance, risk management, and decision making under uncertainties. The three main types of technical activities of SE are: 1 system analysis, 2 system design, and 3 system implementation.

Knowledge in these areas of systems engineering requires education, training, and experience. Recognizing the prominence of SE, and it vital role in the overall industrial development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, King Saud University established Raytheon Chair for Systems Engineering (RCSE) in January, 2017. The RCSE is funded by Raytheon. Raytheon is an international aerospace and defense company, which provides solutions for a wide variety of government and commercial customers.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:51am