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Scientific Committee

Prof Abdulrahman Al-Ahmari

Chair Supervisor

Prof. Abdulrahman Al-Ahmari, Dean of Advanced Manufacturing Institute. He worked (2008-2012) as Executive director of CEREM (Center of Excellence for Research in Engineering Materials), Supervisor of Princess Fatimah Alnijris's Research Chair for Advanced Manufacturing Technology . He was Chairman of Industrial Engineering Department at King Saud University (2004-2008). He received his Ph.D. (Manufacturing Systems Engineering) in 1998 from University of Sheffield- UK.

His research interests are in analysis and design of manufacturing systems; Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) and AMT; optimization of manufacturing operations; applications of simulation optimization; FMS and cellular manufacturing systems. Professor Al-Ahmari has published papers in leading journals of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, including International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, International Journal of Production Research, European Journal of Operations Research, Computer and Industrial Engineering, Computers in Industry, Journal of Materials Processes and Technology, Production Planning and Control, and International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing. He lead a number of funded projects form different organizations at KSA and participated in many national and international committees.

Dr. Mohamed Alkahtani

Technical Leader

Dr. Mohammed Alkahtani is an Assistant Professor in Industrial Engineering Department at King Saud University. He is also a chairman of the Industrial Engineering Department. Dr Alkahtani has collaborated on various Industrial and research projects. He has experience in teaching wide range of IE courses, is involved with several administrative duties, and has developed a network of industrial and academic collaborators across the world. Research areas and specialties: 1) Design and analysis of manufacturing systems, logistics, and supply chain. 2) Lean/Agile based approaches for performance improvement of SMEs. 3) Application of simulation, operations research and optimization techniques to solve supply chain and logistics problems.

Dr. Mohamed Krid

Research Group Leader

  A new concept is proposed to solve the problem of long objects transport in a natural environment without object length constraints. The robot is formed by the combination of two or more cooperative robots that will be capable to co-manipulate and transport objects of any shape. This composition of the system gives various advantages such as security of the payload and the robot, and adaptability of the robot to different sizes and weights of the transported

object. A first application is to transport injured people on stretchers in allterrain, particularly after natural disasters. The same robot can also transport long objects such as tree-trunks, bunches of metallic bars on building sites, long profiles, etc.

Eng. Mustufa H. Abidi
Mustufa H. Abidi is currently a researcher at the Advanced Manufacturing Institute at King Saud University. He pursued his master degree in Industrial Engineering from King Saud University. He has graduated from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India. He has received a gold medal from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Jamia Millia Islamia. The application of virtual reality techniques for sustainable product development is the major focus of his research; other than that, he is actively involved in research areas including Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Micro-Manufacturing, Human-Computer Interaction, Additive manufacturing, and Reverse engineering. He has published many research papers in various reputed journals and international conferences. Moreover he is an author of one book and several book chapters.

He has successfully completed two funded research projects as a lead technical researcher. He obtained Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt Certificate, and Certified Supply Chain Manager Certificate.


Mr. Mohamed Aboudaif

Financial and Administrative Affairs


Eng. Mohamed A. Elmeligy

Software Engineer








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